In the East coffee has been a wide spread beverage for all levels of
society since ancient times.

It is rumoured to have been found by
a Yemeni shepherd who observing
his some goats grazing upon reddish berries from a bush, and subsequently becoming restless and excited, reported the incident to the local holy man. The latter boiled the berries,
and then distilled a bitter beverage.
It was only after the discovery of roasting that coffee became
popular throughout the Islamic world.

Many Arabian legends and the Greek poet Homer tell of a mysterious
black substance that has the power
of stimulation however the first
reported incident of coffee goes

back to 800BC. .







The West however came across coffee in the late 17th century where as the story goes, the Turks left behind a sack-full after their defeat at the gates of Vienna. It was not long after that that
coffee was assimilated
into western culture.